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Warren Friss and His Corporate Law Skills

December 28, 2017
Over the course of his long career, but especially in the last few years, Warren Friss has dealt with virtually everything related to corporate law. Besides having negotiated many contracts and guided numerous deals to the best possible conclusion, Warren also has led the way on a great many complex transactions, like joint ventures and strategic alliances, as well as the all-important mergers and acquisitions, which can give a corporation new life, if done well. Of course, Warren Friss also has considerable experience with business formation and regulatory compliance.

Warren Friss doesn't just help established businesses do business better. He is also highly regarded for his ability to handle business start-ups, as well. He not only gets them started, but he puts them on a sure-footed path to strong growth and a long life. Warren's specialty in sports and sports law, which may seem unusual to some, obviously comes from his long stint with The Topps Company, where her served as general counsel and also an executive. As most know, Topps is among the largest sports card and memorabilia companies in the world.